Anti Acid Tiles

Anti Acid Tiles are porcelain tiles manufactured using special non ferrous clay, processed at extremely high temperatures. This process leads to fusion of the raw materials and formation of a compact body with extremely low water absorption of less than 0.5%. As a result, formation of a compact porcelain body brings high flexural strength and hardness, low probability of reaction with chemical materials and consequently long life in environments in contact with acid or alkali materials (or generally corrosive materials).
Anti-acid tiles, in Iran, normally are produced according to instructions of Iran National 3051 Standard or relevant ASTM/DIN standards which ensure excellent performance in Acid/Alkali/Chemical environments.

Applications of Anti-Acid Tiles

Anti-acid tiles can be used in different environments which chemical materials are used there. Some examples of these applications are as follow :

• Industrial floors in contact with corrosive chemical materials
• Floor and surrounding area of tanks containing chemical materials
• Floor of food Industry factories
• Floor and walls of alkaline battery rooms and control rooms
• Plants of mineral materials extraction
• Walls and floor of washing and painting areas

Size of Anti-Acid Tiles

Anti-acid tiles can be produced in different sizes, but more common sizes in the global market are: 30×30, 40×40, & 60×60 centimeters. Thicknesses of these tiles usually can be in the range from 8 to 25mm. Anti-acid tiles provide excellent abrasion resistance beside aesthetic appearance.

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