Tabriz Tile


Tabriz Tile , The Best For Your Life

Tabriz Tile Industries Company, located 2 kilometers northwest of Tabriz city, has been building on a land area of 1.5 square meters and has been operating since the beginning of the year. Its initial capacity is 1.5 million square meters per year. Wall tiles have been used from 1996 with detailed technical studies on machinery as well as the consumer market for designs and dimensions that the end consumer is interested in, renovation projects and capacity building in the tile sector and the creation of a unit Independent and new in floor tile section implemented.

At present, the company is operating at an annual capacity of 4 million square meters of wall tile and 5 million square meters of floor tile. Since quality is the most important factor in conquering consumer markets, We believed that we should produce and deliver the best to the consumers, so we started the development project review in 2017 and implemented it from 2018. Thanks to Almighty God and management and the cooperation of the efforts the project was launched in the fall, 2019 , and production lines were launched.


Therefore , in recent years, the company has been encouraged by international organizations in addition to receiving national standard ISO and ISO10004:2012 , ISO10002:2014 , ISO10015:1999 , ISO9001:2015 , ISO14001:2015 , ISO45001:2018 and CE:2018 international organizations.

We dream of creating new horizons, achieving freedom, achieving new goals, creating a new world in which design is a part of life, and we can think about and admire its beauty.
The day has come . Tabriz Tile , the best solution for your life.